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Message to drivers: You don't own the road

TWIN FALLS — As sports go, running is pretty low on the danger meter.

There are no 300-pound linemen trying to smear you into the pavement, nobody wielding a wooden stick slamming you into the sidewalk, no inside fastballs hurtling toward your head.…

Fear and loathing in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. — A rose by any other name is still a rose, but Portland's Rose Garden - the new mega-complex home of the NBA Trailblazers - doesn't smell nearly so sweet.

In fact, the major scent in this monument to sports greediness is that of money - lots of it. For those of you who dream of someday taking your son or daughter (or, heaven forbid, your whole family) to a professional sporting event, read on.…

Twin Falls native travels hard rock road

EUGENE, Ore. — Several hundred voices roar from the darkness as Paul Durham leads his band out of the backstage shadows into the blue-white glow of the spotlights.

A moment passes. The crowd grows uneasy in the unexpected silence as a technician fiddles furiously with a piece of expensive, essential — and momentarily useless — piece of equipment on the corner of the stage.…

Meandering moose brings exposure to Twin Falls' northern side

TWIN FALLS — Welcome to Cicely, Alaska. You'll excuse the folks on Twin Falls' north end for feeling like extras on the set of "Northern Exposure" Thursday afternoon when they looked out their windows to see a misplaced moose wandering around.

The moose mascot of the CBS television series set in that fictional Alaskan village is decidedly more mellow than Twin Falls' own version, however. …